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Can you tell us a little about your playing career?

Right from the start, we’ve looked for new great and fun players from all over the planet to recruit – the younger the better so chances are they can keep up with Jens’s night life activity. The first years of our annual gatherings in Italy we brought our striptease shows to the official Paga parties and had a lot of great fun, but the Rimini security policies slowly started to work against us, so we decided to take our parties to another level.

We try to recruit at least one new player every year, and the most recent additions have been Luca, Dede and Ricardo. For a few years, we managed to get hold of a boat and invite 100 friends to party on the legendary Se XXXpensive Love Boat off the coast of Rimini.

In my business I save cost by trading (Bartering) services with a Attorney, Sign Marr\e Pkinter, Mechanic and etc. It snuck past me when it was announced and I only really discovered it while I was reeirachsng this guide.

This helps my company save thousands yearly in cost I would have otherwise need to pay full price for. My experience with the SD4500 IS plus the SX230 HS specs made a strong impression on me and I bought the camera before I finished the guide.

I fell in love with the sport on the spot: the open minded, communicative people, the flow of the disc, the speed of the game and the spirit were unbeatable! Fun-wise some extra credits go to a fish-bar in Portugal, a boat off the Adriatic coast and our beloved Red Hat in Sarnen.

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