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Daniel Bryan loses at Wrestlemania in a humiliating fashion to seven-foot-tall leprechaun Sheamus.

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It's sort of like dropping Godzilla into the middle of a love triangle on Days Of Our Lives. Kane only got dragged into the whole thing because DBry got the clever idea to use him like a pawn against CM Punk, hitting Kane with a steel chair and then running off, so as to trick Kane into thinking Punk had done it.

A few days later, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk face off.

An imposing giant with forearms the size of small tree trunks, storyline-wise Kane is some kind of demon wrestler from hell, spat forth by the same blackened womb that produced our Dark Lord, the Undertaker.

In a storyline against a vegan from Nirvana's hometown and a tattooed punk who doesn't smoke, drink, or do drugs, Kane maaaaaybe sticks out like a sore thumb.

AJ goes to check on Punk, and when DBry starts yelling at her, Punk takes a flying leap right onto him! Kane still soundly defeats Punk, and AJ crawls over to make sure Punk's still breathing, only to be menaced by Kane.

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