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There are differences between time slots, 8-to-9, 9-to-10, 10-to-11… I’d say it’s pretty neck-and-neck with what is shown elsewhere. I have a voice-over agent, and I’ve been auditioning a bunch…

Sometimes I’ll read a script and think, NY: Among your many virtues is your beautiful alto voice.

----------------------------------------------------------- Karina Lombard is really not coming back.

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The mal femme in GIRLTRASH: All Night Long is the silky, sensuous, sinful Monique (Rose Rollins).

Just released from prison, Monique wants Tyler to get the money that Lou Ann stole from her (in the web series).

Jennifer Beals, Erin Daniels, Rachel Shelley and Pam Grier have stated categorically that they are straight.

Mia Kirshner has hinted on several occasions to being bisexual, as has Karina Lombard.

Featuring the music of Killola, The Dollyrots and Tsar.

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