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An administrator can easily manage user rights, check event logs, view standard reports or generate custom performance reports.

Administrators can opt to receive e-mail alerts for important events like errors, license expiration and page count limits.

Administrators can also be notified about imminent database overflow, running out of disk space, requests for access rights, or failed attempts to log in.

ABBYY document imaging and recognition software can be tailored to companies’ workflows and processing scenarios.

Should you need to make a resubmission of SHS data, clicking Withdraw on the Submission Log tab (see image above) will withdraw the most recent submission status and allow you to edit and re-extract the SHS data for the selected SHS Collection Period.

Note that this withdrawal process will only update the SHS data extraction status within the SHIP application, it will not remove any data that has previously been uploaded to the AIHW SHOR portal.

Please note: To correct the missing SHS Status Update records, click on the blue person name in the Missing Records list.

Last modified 08-Feb-2018 21:37