Songbird updating library

I will mark the thread as SOLVED, but please let me know if you have a better solution! One thing I'm thinking about is Nightingale library information not stored in metadata, e.g. Those tags possibly aren't compatible (we love you, songbird-taglib! To activate this feature, you need to set the about:config value of "songbird.metadata.ratings.enable Writing" to true (just double-click it) As I pointed out above this is also available via the GUI options, in the playback category there's an checkbox for that (and please don't ask me why it is under Playback).

I'd recommend the GUI way for non-technical users...

If that's how you feel, then Songbird is not for you.

songbird updating library-28

As someone using Nightingale for the first time, I would love to hear your suggestions. OK, Version: Nightingale 1.11.0, Build 2223 (20120305180920) on 64bit Windows7 machine.

I've been using Nigntin Gale and Song Bird for a while now.

I considered setting up a beets managed folder that Nightingale watches for changes.

The problems are: (1) If I move or delete songs in Nightingale that will comfuse beets (2) and if I make changes with beets to the file and folder structure, would that confuse Nightingale?

If you're mainly looking for using i Tunes to sync i Pods, etc., i Tunes can downconvert those lossless M4A to AAC on the fly during sync.

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