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There are so many other things ( much worse ) that children suffer from than having been joined since birth.

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These twins do a lot of interviews and while their situation is tragic, to me, it seems less disturbing.

(FTR, they are joined at the forehead, though somewhat end-to-end, necessitating the use of the wheeled stool one uses.) Perhaps it it because they're more easily identifiable as two distinct individuals.

Chalk it up to I live my life with my head up my butt, but utnil I read an article in Time ( Or Life, same thing, the more photojournal one) it showed a picture of two, I guess, conjoined twins.

Two heads, one body ( two arms, legs and regular guts and stuff.) The girls were jumping rope. Technically, when they would work, it would be one body doing the work. TLC has been running ads for a show about twins that features a "set" of women who are joined at the forehead!

(I'm insensitive, I know) They really are the embodiment (sp?

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