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Also, in your inventory, you can view videos and screenshots that you have seen in story mode. The cover features Amu dressed in a green version of her school uniform, holding three fingers up in one hand, and holding a microphone in the other. The point of the game is to try and dance to the rhythm.

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Each person from Star Class is assigned someone from Moon Class to work with on a video project on whatever science experiment we choose over the next two weeks. If it works the way I think it will, the bread in the bag should be significantly less moldy than the one left out and exposed to air.""You nerd." I muttered. Not only that, but Amu showed me where he lives, and the kid is totally rich!

In my case, an experiment about the effects of air on food. I swear that kid must've bribed the teachers; he's just that sadistic. I waited for at least ten more minutes for that jerk to show up when he starts knocking on my door. "Fine, we'll do that.""Ok, do you want to talk for our introduction? You don't honestly expect me to work on a project about mold, do you? What a disgrace."Sorry, I'm too high up on my pedestal to hear you." I used his words against him."Even on a pedestal, your head's never more than five feet above the ground." He jeered. He lives in a huge mansion with a dance studio built inside.

At the beginning of the game, Amu, Ran, Miki, Suu and Dia all shout Shugo Chara!

Love can blossom from the most surprising places... But, when this online romance is set in reality, will Rima hit control, alt, delete? It was 4PM on a Tuesday night when I got home from school.

Now he's the Jack's Chair of the Guardians and I'm stuck with him! I'd say he must like me if I wasn't sure he was gay. " She yelled, dragging behind a tall boy with ridiculously long violet hair. I swear, that girl can cuss someone out for hours without repeating the same curse word. At school, I go by a different name, an entirely new identity, and she hates me.

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