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Lionbridge provides the human component to complement and augment our customers’ AI efforts by providing scalable and complete global coverage.As customers move quickly to solve data problems, they can rely on Lionbridge to offload the program management and operational requirements to execute solutions.

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Not allowed for commercial use in any way.--------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for reading and respecting. You can either use the jpg, or I also uploaded the PSD-file (click the "Download" link on the left side). It's lovely (faving it in case I ever get to color it online.

Oh, and if you are deciding to color this picture, it would be nice to send me a link. BUT I didn't find out until just now, that you had done the line art. I believe I gave credit to original, if I didn't, it's because I had a boat load of other art to upload. I know how mad people get when their art is stolen.

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Learners join AIC's programmes not just to be 'taught', but to think, participate and create.

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