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Eagle Analytical tests compounded preparations to determine the Beyond-Use Date (BUD) applicable to a specific formulation.

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Eagle will store the preparation as requested (room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen) and report on the progress as the measurements are made.

Ketamine-acepromazine-xylazine (KAX) has long been a popular combination of injectable anesthetics for use in laboratory rodents.

Expiration dates are associated with commercially available products, while beyond-use dates are assigned to pharmacy compounded preparations.

BUDs are defined by as the date after which a compounded preparation should not be used; determined from the date the preparation is compounded.

In potency-over-time studies, data points are identified based on the desired length of time that the preparation will be stored before use and the ability of the data points to establish a comprehensive picture of the degradation/stability processes ongoing in the samples.

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