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I think the next twenty episodes are going to do really great for the character and for me as an actor.Is there any hope for the characters of Jo and Zane getting back together? We keep toying with the idea, are they going to get back together or aren’t they? We had a month hiatus and now we’re going back to shoot the other ten and so we’re doing twenty all together. I guess on some level I’m a bit sadistic and morbid.

However, we rapidly knowing that their little foray into the retiring had unintended dating effects, which ranged from the benign to the life-shattering.

This stuff is amazing and a lot of fun to do, and I try so much to do, how can I.

Then from her perspective she’s acting crazier because for her that’s her boyfriend. He’s a really great guy and it’s been really fun because his character is such a different era but sort of a different genre all together from what’s going on. The scene that we did in the jail cell, all I kept hearing was rave reviews about how funny it was and how great the chemistry is and that was so much fun to film because Neil is super kooky. His personality and his character are so similar other than the fact that Neil is way more grounded and way more intelligent.

The 1940’s and the millennium, 2010 are two totally different worlds. He’s not nearly as fumbly as Fargo is but he does it so well that you’d almost think that they were the same person. I worked with Colin [Ferguson] so often and on such a regular basis and Colin is like his own comedic entity in himself along with Neil. Do you have any interesting fan encounter anecdotes? One of the coolest ones that I’m most impressed with is that my fiancée and I were in Venice, Italy and we were at a car rental place.

Her character on some level has changed and I think it’s really difficult for her to adjust and I think it’s really heartbreaking for the first ten episodes that she’s lost the person that she was potentially going to spend the rest of her life with.

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