Michelle wie robin lopez still dating

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“I’m generally going to destroy his soul.” Born in Southern California to Deborah Ledford and now-estranged father Heriberto Lopez, a Cuban baseball player, the twins are the youngest of four boys.

They were raised in Fresno by their mom, who was an elite swimmer, and began playing hoops as kids — looking up to their older brother Alex, who played at the University of Washington.

The brothers unabashedly love comic books and, according to a NY Times profile, would frequently squeeze their extra-tall frames into a college pal’s compact SUV to hitch rides to the comic-book store.

While at Stanford, they once famously ditched practice for a day of fun at Disneyland.

The Knicks’ new 7-foot center, Robin Lopez, has harsh words about his twin brother, Brook, who plays for the crosstown competition.

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