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Starting your own dating website with vld Personals is fast and easy.The theme of your website is completely customizable, whether it's a minor change or a completely new and different design.

For all the details around MSN Web Messenger scroll down a bit.

UPDATE: The beta test site has been removed, probably because of the massive, unexpected traffic.

Fans can receive a variety of late-breaking updates about their favorite sports, sports teams, and players delivered instantly to their MSN Messenger, cell phone, or email.

"No matter where they are, the fan is always where the action is," stated Royal P. In the meantime we at are still eagerly waiting for Message Cast's "soon to come" Live Message Blogger Edition, which will allow bloggers like yours truly to send update alerts to a subscriber-base for free!

The Blasphemer is back and so is a "New Generation" of his Messenger Plus! It comes with features so exciting it rocks your socks:- Emoticon/Display Picture stealer;- On-the-fly file compression;- Any-size display pictures;- Open Hotmail inbox in default browser;- Alert when user opens/closes window;- Disable emoticon shortcut autocompletion;- Enable clickable URLs in nicknames;- Remove 5 custom emoticons per message limit;- Enable all custom emoticon shortcuts;- Ignore feature;- Tabbed conversations. Unfortunately the author's site is experiencing problems at the moment so further information is not available.

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