Is zoloft activating or sedating

Liebowitz observed in comparison studies between the TCA "imipramine" (Tofranil) and the MAOI "phenelzine" (Nardil) that while phenelzine was extremely effective in treating Social Anxiety, imipramine showed no efficacy - with the primary difference in the two drugs being the marked pro-DA effect of Nardil.Since the 1990's, evidence has emerged that an area of the brain called the striatum is different in patients with generalized Social Anxiety Disorder.

Current research trends lean towards earlier recognition and treatment of SP.

As the "world's most neglected anxiety disorder" becomes more understood by the public, Social Anxiety Disorder will begin to be diagnosed far more frequently in the pre-teen or teen years, resulting in earlier treatment, more "normal" social development, and less later life complications.

It wasn't until the age of 26 however that I first heard the term "Social Phobia", learned what it was, and discovered that it was medically treatable.

My SP became had become pretty severe by late high school.

More recent studies have switched focus to the amygdala, where evidence of abnormality accumulates.

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