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Cody ends this season with Sierra and Bridgette as GREAT FRIENDS, and if a boy isn't content with a girl's "friendship" then why should he deserve anything more? Mal is most likely gonna stop them from giving away his cover.

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Noah is usually there to prevent her from falling for things, but he wasn't here for this season. I get my different senses of humors mixed up, and I end up using one that I should not use with somebody when I should of used it with the person I usually use it with.

I just..a dark, and sometimes twisted, sense of humor. I......sometimes, I make jokes with the wrong people. Rape jokes actually do more than just offend some people.

If you try and get a girl the way he does, you'll never get anywhere. As much as Sierra and Cody finding out about Mal is a GOOD thing, I'm sure that Mal is probably gonna find out that they know, and then they'll never be able to tell the others.

I put Cody here to show that while Cody is a great and hilarious character, he's far from perfect. I could vote for Abby but sadly, she is probably not gonna last much longer Soooo lets go Sierraughh this is worse than tdwt (the elimination)and now Mal is revealed, so its gonna be wierd seeing how far he gets, with everyone knowing its him. (Harold and Cody run outside)Harold is SOOOOO fit to be a mother. I'm lucky to have friends, why be picky and push away a potential friend?

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