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At the concert you see the band s keyboard player surrounded several keyboards.

Though this sight may seem daunting, overwhelming or even just for show, each keyboard on stage serves a specific purpose and has a unique sound quality and tone.

Included here is the previously unreleased “Instrumentals” Vol. 2 that has been out of print for over twenty years.

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2014 saw the emergence of the Donny Benét Show Band.

With the professional touch, Benét’s hits are performed by a crack team of musicians who almost impregnated the city during their residency at the 2014 Sydney festival.

Conducted by the late Julius Eastman, Tower Of Meaning was originally released in a limited private edition of only 320 copies.

Inspired by his work with friend and composer Arnold Dreyblatt, Sketch For The Face Of Helen was recorded with an electronic tone generator, keyboard and ambient recordings of a rumbling tugboat from the Hudson River.

FIRST THOUGHT BEST THOUGHT collects Arthur Russell’s out of print instrumental and orchestral compositions along with over 45 minutes of previously unreleased material on 2 CD’s.

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