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Halo Wars 2 (Windows PC and Xbox One) — The real-time strategy game's new multiplayer mode, Blitz, is putting a twist on the genre's core mechanic by having the player focus on deck building and card-based strategy, rather than base building and resource management.The new villain in the single-player campaign, Atriox, along with his assembled a mercenary group, The Banished, plan to get their hands on "the most powerful weapons platform the galaxy has ever seen," according to the trailer’s description.Nintendo also plans to release a yarn Poochy amiibo alongside the 3DS game.

For more on its cult appeal, see this feature from 2014. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk (Play Station 4, Play Station Vita and Windows PC) — The legendary manga series, Berserk, is getting its own Dynasty Warriors spinoff from Musou developer Omega Force.

Watch the protagonist, Guts, and his group of mercenary fighters "The Band of the Hawk" take on a horde of demons in this trailer.

"It’s why it’s taken us three-and-a-half years," In Xile CEO Brian Fargo explains in our feature.

"We think a greater focus on conversation would be interesting to push the RPG genre forward.

Fate/Stay Night is a visual novel that chronicles a war between seven Magi for the Holy Grail.

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