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Recognized as one of the last surviving Civil War veterans, he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.[Source for this note: "William Henry Jackson," Wikipedia,]The William Henry Jackson Photochrom Collection is composed of 444 photochrom images of American landmarks, both natural and man-made. The photochroms date from 1898 to 1908, with the bulk falling between 1898 to 1904.

The photochroms were all produced by the Detroit Publishing Company, the majority of them were taken by William Henry Jackson, with the rest being taken by other photographers working for the company.

The collection contains more than four hundred of his photochroms with views from all over North America. Jackson's photographs of Yellowstone helped convince the U. Congress to make it the first National Park in March 1872.

William Henry Jackson (1843-1942) was an American painter, photographer and explorer famous for his images of the American West. After traveling the world collecting views and specimens on a commission from the Field Museum in Chicago, Jackson returned to Denver and focused on publishing.

The process was developed in Switzerland and brought to the United States by the Detroit Publishing Company in 1897. Civil War, fighting in the battle of Gettysburg, and mustered out after nine months. During this time he made many photographs, now famous, of Native Americans of the region.

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