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Their children and grandchildren loved to cheer their side of the family on! – Have a microphone ready for the emcee so everyone can hear the questions. – Before the game show, ask each husband and wife individually the questions and record their answers on quarter sized sheets of posterboard. The girls loved making their journals and it was a great way to get them excited about writing in it with their moms and continuing the communication. I saw this same game at another Recognition Activity a week later so I KNOW it’s a hit!

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The evening started out with a short message from a leader: Note: Consider having the girls share what they have been working on over the last 6 months in Faith in God or perhaps have the dads share one area that they have seen growth in their daughter.

It made the whole activity very fun and expressive and connecting.

Your audience (family members) will be more interested in sitting and watching if it follows some physical activity like playing volleyball. – We had a grandchild of each couple stand behind them, and holding up their fingers they acted as the scorekeeper for their team. – Then you will do the same thing, asking the wives the first question.

This is also a great time to pass out a treat for people to enjoy while they watch the game show. (1 point for each correct answer- ten would be a perfect score) AND they got the audience to cheer for their team! The wives have the stack of posterboard answers on their laps. The husbands will have their stack of posterboard answers and they will show if the answer was correct or not. – The couple with the most points wins a gift card for ice cream or dessert.

If you don’t have white boards, you can also use a sheet of card stock or chipboard inside a plastic sheet protector as a “white board.” With a white board marker, it still can be erased and works well if you don’t have a set of whiteboards (one of these leaders is a teacher and used the ones from her classroom).

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