Dating an older guy

I'm not talking a freshman girl dating the senior quarterback, or a senior girl dating a recent grad. Prior to my 26-year-old dream boy, I had never even gotten asked out over the phone.

I'm talking an age gap that might make your mom a little nervous. You could date a college guy for a year and maybe get 2 phone calls the whole time.

Each one will confuse you just as much as the last and make you wonder how in the hell people meet their spouses in college.

Four-plus years spent at frat parties and college bars will, without a doubt, bring you in contact with these 7 college gems. The frat star: Oh the classic frat star, a staple at any college.

"Bro-ing" out: AKA acting like a completely obnoxious and loud asshole anytime they're around more testosterone.

You just have to understand that men are literally giant children.

All plans must be run by him and should probably include him. (I wonder why.) He's fun for a while, until you realize that he's a little too laid back.

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