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A jumping rose on satiny breasts of satin, rose of Castille.

Tink cried to bronze in pity And a call, pure, long and throbbing.

I became utterly obsessed with the band and used every opportunity I could to blatantly display my fandom for you both You and Ethan, as well as my devotion for the band as a whole, too.

I stood at the front of a stage one night at a club in my hometown, holding my phone up to the DJ for half an hour telling him to play “Baptism” repeatedly (he was noticeably frustrated with my persistence and eventually he instead played “Untrust Us” out of spite, the bastard).

A few minutes later, you returned and continued to take photos and sign merchandise for us, despite however you were feeling at the time and despite us being told by Ethan that you were too exhausted or something, I can’t remember precisely.

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