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The only inscription (written in Japanese characters) found on these coins is standing for Great Japan.The war situation had worsened to the point that shipping the coins to the destination point, i.e.These issues were struck for use in the (another name is the Dutch East Indies), not for internal circulation.

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The main feature of the Japanese calendar is: it is divided into the eras, coinciding with the reigns of this or that emperor. Lets take a look at the structure of the year inscription in the Japanese calendar on the following example: 1 name of the era (on this piece: 平成, Heisei); 2 the number of years elapsed since the beginning of the era up to the current year (on the image specified, that is: 二十二, 22); 3 character Nen, 年, translated as the year.

Japanese coins minted in the beginning of the XX-th century are known to carry date inscriptions written and read from right to left.

As stated in the converter, the year zero of the corresponding era (applied to the date on those coins) was 660 B. the year when Japan is believed to have been founded.

These dates are taken from the Japanese Shinto dynastic calendar.

So, in general, if you see the character Nen, this tells you that it is the end of the line and hence you should be reading it the other way around.

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