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Chip is unable to find his soulmate among reality TV’s hordes of dental hygienists and ex-cheerleaders, but back in Cincinnati, in the kind of suburb for people “who enjoyed owning horses or at least purebred dogs,” his ideal wife magically appears.

The subtlety of such insights is largely due to Sittenfeld’s creation of a narrator who combines Austen’s deadpan detachment with an exhaustive knowledge of the moneyed Midwest.

Jane, a beatific yoga instructor, has reconciled herself to single life and is seeking to get pregnant through artificial insemination. ’s clamorous topicality underscores the often-contradictory ends of contemporary marriage.

Chip and Jane, the failed dating show contestant and his bride, have the most faith in marriage as an act of love; tellingly, they’re also the only ones who never actually watch reality TV’s matrimonial spectacles.

Take one of the first and best: in a 1990s Beverly Hills high school.

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