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I feel like I'll probably get married again when I'm in my 50s." "I was sad after it ended, but I wasn't depressed," he goes on to explain. I was sad because we were going through a lot and my son was involved, and that hurt me because my main goal is to raise my son how I want." As for his dream girl, Khalifa lists off Pam Grier, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in and... "I like classic chicks, not these new girls who aren't really stunning," he reasons. If they came in here now, they would be awesome and beautiful -- and cool people on top of being sexy as f**k." WATCH: Kanye West Slams Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose -- But NOT Skinny Jeans -- in Epic Twitter Rant Khalifa and Rose both became embroiled in controversy with Kanye West earlier this year when the rapper went on a Twitter rant and bashed them -- all over an album title. You're not allowed to do that.'" "Nobody really does that these days," he opens up.

Both Nas and French Montana used to live here, Rose says.

She still gets their mail.“Hey Sebastian, what’s the new word we learned this week? “Con-ver-sate,” says Sebastian, whose father is the rapper and stoner king Wiz Khalifa.

She went from the streets of South Philly to the stripper pole to the background of music videos to Kanye’s arm, where she stayed for two of the most turbulent years of his career—the period following his mother’s death in 2007, and the ambivalent reception to his post-—all while becoming an object of fascination and lust among music fans and gossip blogs.

Rose was in the audience watching in proud exasperation as West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech, and she was along for the disastrous media tour that followed.

We can go around the corner and we can really do it. Hear the rapper's very Kanye West explanation for the visual in the video below.

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