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I practice an insight-oriented and psychodynamic approach, meaning that the past informs the present and can create unconscious patterns of thought and behavior.

Once we have awareness of how our experiences impact our lives, healing can begin.""I specialize in sexual issues, relationship issues, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, job related stress, life transitions, and the impacts of trauma, injury, and illness.

I believe that a good sex life can occur within a loving and intimate relationship and these are important factors to living a satisfying life.""I am passionate about guiding people in the journey of exploring their true self.

As a person learns to love and accept themselves, they are able to experience a deeper level of intimacy and connection with others.

People that I have worked with may be recovering from sexual shame from their upbringing, dealing with pain during sex, trying to understand their sexuality and preferences or processing past trauma.

Working with a professional in a safe & professional space to communicate their feelings & thoughts can have a huge impact.""I often hear clients that I work with say that being sexual or intimate with their partner is another one of the responsibilities to check off the "To-Do" list; describing sex as a chore, or even a burden.

I enjoy helping individuals come to terms with difficult situations, learning to reframe situations, discover hope and new coping skills.

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