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Everyone suddenly wants having possibly never heard of the breed before.

Many go out and impulse-buy a pup having done no research on the breed (and possibly given little thought to the practicalities of raising a puppy).

If your pet has a ‘safe den’, ensure it has access to that area, and block it from external light as much as possible.

I’m sure you can see this is not a breed for a first-time dog owner, and is particularly unsuited for life in a place like Hong Kong, where only a small percentage of people have the time, energy, and space to meet the needs of a dog like this.

Just a little reminder for people living in areas where people will be celebrating Lunar New Year with fire crackers and fireworks tonight and over the next few days. Keep your pets inside and take measures to minimize the impact.

These people are working their dogs in some way to satisfy their needs.

The Malinois needs a LOT of stimulation and exercise, they are up there with the Border Collie in terms of their energy levels.

Owners of Labradors and Golden retrievers will read that and wonder what the big deal is, people who know Sam will be cheering him on.

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