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YOU ARE READING Romance *Trailer on the side* Annette and Adam have always been close; first as friends, then as lovers. My teachers don't do anything about it because I get all A's with out having to lift a finger.

But growing up means growing apart and they find themselves hanging on by a thread. So, as long as I keep my grades up and make them look good, they don't really care what I do in my free time. After pulling my truck into an empty space I try to bring the collar of my jacket up my neck to hide all the hickeys I got from last nights conquest.

Hearing her name starts to stir up old emotions in me, but I quickly tamp them back down. Past tense, I quickly remind myself and absentmindedly rub my right wrist where my tattoo lay.

Annette and I had gotten them on her 16th birthday from some sketchy friend of hers.

Porn-addicted ministers have sought help at treatment centres for clergy such as the Southdown Institute in Holland Landing, Ont.

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