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Here’s what good apology is about accordingly to Jason Fried and David Hansson’s book, “Rework“: Above words make sense when there is no doubt that the problem is your company’s fault.

However, there is a danger that once you start apologizing for something that is not company’s fault, it’s like admitting that you’re to be blamed.

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It would have been nice if my managers could help me somehow but they were too much into numbers. If someone tells me that my job performance is awful, this is personal.

If someone tells me that I’m not professional, it’s personal. ” Actually, if you deal with a rude customer, your human right is to feel upset.

If you don’t feel like you’re empowered enough to do something for them, don’t hesitate to call your supervisor.

Remember: the quicker you solve the problem, the faster unpleasant discussion will end. I know, it’s easy to say “relax” when you’re a bundle of nerves.

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