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Tindal Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer Back in the day, there were rumors of 50 Cent being romantically linked to R&B starlet, Mya.

Mya ended up becoming involved with Game and she became a topic when their beef was high-profile.

He has a lot of enemies, some of whom are jealous of his meteoric rise to fame.” Read more.

Speaking on a public rift between herself and 50 Cent with Vlad TV, R&B singer Mya explained refusing an interview with This Is50 at a red carpet event last year as a function of 50 Cent’s mention of her name on a 2005 diss song aimed at Game. My father and I sat in a room at Violater when Chris Lighty was managing a particular artist and that artist interrupted my meeting. So, we cleared out the air and the confession was made on the other person’s part that yes they lied.

Impersonating Game with interjected commentary, 50 released his “Not Rich, Still Lyin’” diss in 2005. But if that will ever come out from the person’s mouth, who knows?

Much to everyone’s surprise, they hit it off straight away.

Mya is quite gentle and, despite his on-stage personality, so is 50. Not many people at the label know about them being an item and they like it that way.

Mya jokingly claims the rapper has simply mixed her up with his G-UNIT cohort Lloyd Banks, reports the New York Daily News. despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind.

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